· What is an affiliate program?
· What does an affiliate do?
· Does it cost money to join?
· How do I sign up?
· Am I committed to working a certain amount after I sign up?
· How much will I make?
· What are the payment methods?
· How often do I get paid?
· How is a player linked to me?
· Am I guaranteed payment for placing the casino’s banners on my website?
· What is Casino Paycheck’s policy on spamming?
· Can I try the casinos that I will be advertising out for free?
· Does Casino Paycheck accept all websites?
· How are my visitors tracked?
· How does the 2-tier program work?
· How often are my stats updated?
· What if one of my players hits the jackpot?
· What if I have a casino related question?
 What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a partnership with an online merchant who compensates you for any sales you send that merchant via links on your site. An Affiliate Program is thus an easy way to earn money off traffic to your site.

 What does an affiliate do?

An affiliate places his/her unique link to Casino Paycheck casinos on their website or email campaigns. This can be done with simple text links, banners, popups, popunders and so on. Then, all the affiliate has to do is get traffic to their website and then refer those visitors to the casinos with those unique affiliate links.

 Does it cost money to join?

No, joining Casino Paycheck is absolutely free.

 How do I sign up?

Click here to go to the Casino Paycheck sign up page. There you will find the sign up form that you will need to fill out and submit to be enrolled into the program.

 Am I committed to working a certain amount of time after I sign up?

No. A general rule in affiliate programs is the more you work on your website and internet marketing, the more money you will make through the program.

 How much will I make?

It all depends on how much effort you put into your website and internet marketing.

 What are the payment methods?

Affiliates can choose to be paid by either:

$25 min
2-6 weeks
Player account
no min.
$25 min

 How often do I get paid?

Affiliates are paid once a month. Casino Paycheck processes affiliate payments on the 5th working day of each month. Affiliates must meet commission minimums depending on which payment method they chose (see above).

 How is a player linked to me?

A player is linked to you when you have referred them to one of Casino Paychecks client casinos. Affiliates refer players by using an unique URL whit your ID embeded. The visitor clicks on the unique URL (banner, text link, email message etc) and Casino Paycheck is able to track the visitor and give credit to the affiliate for the player referred.

 Am I guaranteed payment for placing the casinos banners on my website?

No, affiliates earn up to 35% of the revenue generated by players they refer. Just having banners on your website does not guarantee that your visitors will click on the banners, download the casino, sign up and deposit money.

 What is Casino Paychecks policy on spamming?

Casino Paycheck does not tolerate spamming of any kind by any of our affiliates. If spamming by an affiliate is brought to our attention we will give the affiliate one warning. After the one warning and explanation on spamming has been given to the affiliate and should this continue, the affiliate will be permanently banned from the program.

 Can I try the casinos that I will be advertising out for free?

Absolutely, just download the casino and sign up under play for fun. This will allow you to play all the games offered without having to deposit money.

 Does Casino Paycheck accept all websites?

We do accept most websites into the program although we do not accept adult, warez or any other type of website that is in violation of law or the ethical standards determined by Casino Paycheck.

 How are my visitors tracked?

Casino Paycheck uses a sophisticated system that tracks all of the visitors you send to the casinos using your unique affiliate link (supplied to you after sign up). From the Stats area inside Casino Paycheck you will be able to view your results broken down into Visitors, Downloads, Sign ups, Depositors and how much you have made (a percentage of Casino net winnings - credits - coupons - chargebacks + multi cash Adjs).

 How does the 2-tier program work?

Our 2-tier system allows affiliates to make even more money by referring other webmasters to the Casino Paycheck affiliate program. The 2-tier program works similarly to the overall program. Affiliates earn 2% of the revenue earned from their referred affiliates.

 How often are my stats updated?

Stats are updated in real time.

 What if one of my players hits the jackpot?

If one of your players hits the jackpot or wins a significant amount of money, your commission will be lowered by multiplying your current commission level by their negative revenue. In the event that a player brings your commission below zero, you will not be responsible for the negative balance or any money. As long as the player does not play back the win the following month.

 What if I have a casino related question?

For all questions relating to the casino (software, promotions, banking etc) we suggest you contact the casinos customer support.