Performance Bonuses!

Receive an extra Net Revenue bonus on top of your normal 25-35% commission. 5% of your monthly net revenue goes into your Casino Paycheck bonus account and you can see your progress in real-time by logging into your Casino Paycheck account now. Collect bonus points and cash them in for the following prizes:

500 Bonus Points - Casino Portal:

Casino Paycheck will produce a professionally made casino portal just for you with your choice of domain name. Your new state-of-the-art casino portal website comes with a logo, casino graphics, valuable gambling content, search engine optimization and will be set up with Casino Paycheck marketing material with your affiliate links already in place. This is a great way to increase your Casino Paycheck commissions for free!

1000 Bonus Points - Online Casino:

Casino Paycheck will produce for you your very own online casino. Your casino will be fully customized for your wants and needs. Choose a name and a bonus structure from the list and you'll have your own casino to send visitors to. Website comes with logo, casino graphics, all information necessary and the Welcome to our Casino software with your affiliate ID already in place. You can now own your own online casino for free!

1500 Bonus Points - $1500 AngelCiti Casino Account

Collect 1500 bonus points and AngelCiti will give you a free $1500 casino account at Welcome to our Casino*. You promote AngelCiti casinos, now play in one! Casino Paycheck gives you the opportunity to not only have a chance to win big money, but also try out the casino for free. Your $1500 could easily grow to $2000, $5000 or $10,000 with no risk!

*You must play the $1500 10x. Play in Roulette, Craps and Baccarat excluded from wagering requirements.

3000 - $3000 Overture Account

Collect 3000 bonus points and Casino Paycheck will give you an Overture pay per click search engine advertising account with $3000 already in it. Convert that $3000 at Overture into huge commission profits at Casino Paycheck. Add listings using your Casino Paycheck affiliate urls, sit back and watch the players come in. Overture refers players to the casinos that consistently lose over $1000. That's $250 per player plus more bonus points towards another prize!

5000 - Offshore Corporation

The grand prize, an offshore corporation to help protect your affiliate commissions from greedy government taxes. Casino Paycheck will get you in touch with a professional offshore account specialist who will help you set up a confidential and tax-free offshore corporation and bank account. Online casino affiliate program commissions are not reported to ANY government agency and are therefore not directly subject to taxes. Now you can bypass your home bank and put those checks into a safe bank account that no one can touch. Best of all, Casino Paycheck will pick up the bill!

To cash in your bonus points and claim any of the prizes above, please send an email to [email protected] with your Casino Paycheck Affiliate ID and the prize title you would like to claim. We will contact you within 24 hours of receipt.

Once points are cashed in, they cannot be used again.